Vaugahyde (Remixes) by Elninodiablo

Elninodiablo recruits The Emperor Machine, John Tejada, Matisa, and more for Vaugahyde (Remixes) this summer.

Vaugahyde (Remixes) by Elninodiablo Photo by El Nino Diablo Music

Vaugahyde, taken from Elninodiablo's recently released "Body Electric EP", sees thorough rework treatment from John Tejada, Emperor Machine, Aurum Miles, Theus Mago, and Matisa. John Tejada brings frenzied electronic signals, perfectly programmed drums, and ruptured sine wave rapids to form a kaleidoscope of flickering shapes and motifs for his interpretation of the original.

In the hands of Aurum Miles, "Vaugahyde" morphs into pure EBM/New Beat as distorted arpeggios entangle with eerily cold vocals. Matisa reels out a proper chugging, feel-good belter, combining elements of hi-NRG alongside soulful vox stabs and Roulé-esque filter actions.

Theus Mago's refix opts for a more progressive yet unpredictable approach, taking "Vaugahyde" into oddball techno territories with piano stabs and crisp clicks, bleeps, and cracks. Last but not least, the Emperor Machine combines early computer-era P-funk grooviness and micro-house experimentalism for an otherworldly remix.

Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (Remixes)
Release Date June/July 2022
Label El Nino Diablo Music

01. Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (Elninodiablo Original Mix)
02. Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (The Emperor Machine Extended Remix)
03. Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (Aurum Miles Remix)
04. Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (John Tejada Remix)
05. Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (Theus Mago Remix)

06. Elninodiablo - Vaugahyde (Matisa Remix)

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