Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Edits) by Nadia Ksaiba

Originally released in 2013, Virtual Lover was the debut single from Nadia Ksaiba, the East London DJ icon best known for her joyous sets at beloved queer space Dalston Superstore.

Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Edits) by Nadia Ksaiba Photo by Phantasy Sound

Fast-forward to 2020, and Ksaiba's "Rhythm Connection" with Dan Beaumont, is one of NTS Radio's longest-running shows. Meanwhile, as Phantasy approaches a landmark 100 singles, "Virtual Lover" still sounds timeless, masterfully channeling boogie, Italo, and disco reminiscent of early Madonna to classic Midnight Star. With this in mind, Phantasy is delighted to offer a new perspective on Ksaiba's club hit with two spellbinding edits from Belfast-born and based DJ/producer, Jordan.

On PH28RMX, Jordan refreshes the energy of "Virtual Lover" with two additions to his already beloved series of Nocturne edits, which have earned multiple represses having gained huge support from the likes of Erol Alkan, Midland, Gerd Janson, and Kornel Kovacs.

With an analog touch, Jordan deftly shifts the casual call of the original into a lean slice of brooding freestyle electro, transforming Ksaiba's charming vocals into a robotic pan, yearning across a futuristic grid of deeply satisfying bass. Jordan's Nocturne Dub achieves a similar effect driven by a frenetic, chopped-up vocal amid cybernetic flourishes.

Nadia Ksaiba - Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Edits)
Release Date August/September 2020
Label Phantasy Sound

A. Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Edit)
B. Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Dub)

1. Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Edit)
2. Virtual Lover (Jordan's Nocturne Dub)
3. Virtual Lover (Original Mix)
4. Virtual Lover (Dub)

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