We Are Opilec! Vol. VI - Augusta Taurinorum

I-Robots unveils the next Opilec Music compilation consisting of 21 well-selected tracks by Turin artists.

We Are Opilec! Vol. VI - Augusta Taurinorum Art by RKF Honorfarm/Opilec Music

Founded in 2007 by I-Robots, aka Gianluca Pandullo, the Opilec Music label has provided a home to an eclectic range of quality electronic music from disco to techno, Italo to krautrock, and everything in between. The imprint has released music from artists such as Giorgio Moroder, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, The Units, No More, Klein & M.B.O., N.O.I.A., Daniele Baldelli, and many others, with each record carefully overseen by the hugely experienced I-Robots.

The sixth volume of the "We Are Opilec!" series is once again entirely curated by I-Robots, and features a cast of fellow artists from Turin, Italy, with the title, "Augusta Taurinorum", a reference to the Latin name of the renowned region, harking back to the Roman Empire. Turin was also Italy's first capital. The album covers the boundless musical ground between Eoni's first and last ambient tracks, featuring two house and techno fusions from electronic music duo [ MONOTONOISE ], trippy slow-burners from Opilec Music veterans Patrick di Stefano & Simo Nex, as well as tracky house from Turin club-legends Moreno Pezzolato & Federico Gandin. Frontman of famous rock group Subsonica, Samuel also joins the compilation alongside longtime collaborator Pisti, together they form a production project & record label Krakatoa and deliver "Robottino", a high-energy bomb primed for the dancefloor.

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The compilation album hosts five exclusive reworks by I-Robots, including Lello B.'s "Hall of Mirrors", which in turn is a cover of Kraftwerk's iconic 1977 hit of the same name. The landmark track gets a club-ready makeover, complete with robust drums, big bass, and vocal snippets of the original's evocative lyrics. I-Robots also revisits Straker Commander's "Face To Face - Heart To Heart", which features a cover of the original The Twins lyrics sung by legendary Italian singer Johnson Righeira. This blend of modern and old-school serves as an ideal set closer or emotive peak-time tool, once again showcasing the variety of this high-grade compilation. Additionally, the LP features an unreleased version of I-Robots' 2004 track "Frau", expertly remixed by Obi Baby & Lorenzo LSP.

This album chronicles the rich dance music history being made in the Italian peninsula and shows the extent of talent coming out of the country right now. The label will celebrate the release of the volume with a party titled "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE" at Turin club Bunker, the footage of which will then be turned into a short film. The Virgin Mary serving as the compilation's artwork is a piece by RKF Honorfarm, an art project known for its colorful religious symbols signifying the eternal struggle of good versus evil.

Various Artists - I-Robots presents: We Are Opilec! Vol. VI - Augusta Taurinorum
Release Date 16h April 2023
Label Opilec Music

01. Eoni - Eone 1
02. [ MONOTONOISE ] - Elizabeth
03. Straker Commander Feat. Johnson Rhigeira - Face To Face - Heart To Heart (I-Robots Reconstruction)
04. Autoexec - Sperminator (‘70 Horror Fiction) (I-Robots Reconstruction)
05. Krakatoa - Robottino
06. Amatteuur - Playful Talk
07. Riggel - Flutter
08. Lello B. - The Hall Of Mirriors (I-Robots Reconstruction)
09. Matisse - Il Vizietto
10. Moreno Pezzolato - Jam
11. I-Robots - Frau (Obi Baby & Lorenzo LSP Remix)
12. Popscile - Y.M.O. (I-Robots Reconstruction)
13. Hugo - Scratching 2020 (I-Robots Reconstruction)
14. Federico Gandin - Alternating Behaviors
15. [ MONOTONOISE ] - Michi
16. 6884 - Podavis
17. NPerfectDuo - Madame (Dubrovnik Remix)
18. Simo Nex - Forwarded
19. Titta - I Don't Think So
20. Patrick Di Stefano - Tapas
21. Eoni - Caligola (Binaural)

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