La Dificil by Bryan Softwell

Bryan Softwell returns to Repopulate Mars this summer with La Dificil.

La Dificil by Bryan Softwell Art by Repopulate Mars

Born and raised in Miami, Latino DJ and producer Bryan Softwell's playful take on house music has caused a stir in recent months with support from Diplo, John Summit, and Cloonee. Following his recent remix of Lee Foss & Mal Rainey's "Golden State", Softwell is back on Repopulate Mars with his lively new single "La Dificil".

When I heard Blackchild (ITA) "Keep The Secret" I realised this was something with so much untapped potential. Being Latino, it felt natural making a reggaeton and house music crossover. I never really thought It would get to this point though, I was just doing it because I love making music.
Bryan Softwell

Rattling percussion and resonant low-ends get to work in "La Difícil" as rousing vocals, glossy stabs, and epic drum rolls combine in this fiery cut.

Bryan Softwell - La Dificil
Release Date June 2022
Label Repopulate Mars

1. La Difícil

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