Work It now EP by Re.You

Central American rooted label Cacao invites Re.You. The Moon Harbour and Kompakt alumni present two original tracks, enlisting fellow Techno and House craftsmen Doctor Dru and Tiefschwarz for remix duties.

Work It now EP by Re.You Photo by Cacao Records

“Work It Now” features a dynamic melody, laying down a playful groove from start to end. A lush vocal loop kicks in, adding extra oomph on a backdrop of scintillating high hats.

Miu combines tribal infused rhythms, perched on mesmerizing percussion with a subtle, minimalist bassline that aptly complements the arrangement.

Jeudi head honcho Doctor Dru presents his interpretation of “Work It Now”, adding his own fingerprint to the already bumping track, transforming it into a trippy and glitch-heavy adventure.

German Tech House pioneers Tiefschwarz add their own flavour to the record with this inherently deep and atmospheric remix.
Re.You - Work It now EP
Release Date
October 2017
Label Cacao Records

1. Work It Now (Original Mix)
2. Miu (Original Mix)
3. Work It Now (Doctor Dru Remix)
4. Work It Now (Tiefschwarz Remix)

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