You're So Just Just Remixes by Rework

Rework's classic 2002 cut, You're So Just Just, gets fresh remixes from Troxler X Crosson and Cinthie alongside an updated version from the act themselves.

You're So Just Just Remixes by Rework Photo by David Spaeth

Underground mainstays Rework released this standout track on the legendary Playhouse label, and it is one that established them as pioneers right from the start. It was followed by several vital albums and releases on the same label, as well as the likes of Visionquest and Exlove Records.

Here, they revisit their original, which features vocals from Laetitia, and update its cold minimal grooves with fresh energy. The bass rolls deep, and the drums are snappy and upright as the edgy chords keep things full of suspense. Laetitia's soulful stylings are cut up and smeared through the mix to make for a brilliantly driving and dynamic track.

Visionquest co-founders and long-time techno talents Seth Troxler and Ryan Crosson also pair up for a remix. Their version is full of trippy sound designs and wiggling hooks. It's a tightly interwoven minimal groove with an afterparty feel, and the original vocals bring their seductive vibe.

The second remix comes from much-loved Berlin native Cinthie, who runs the Elevate store and 803 Crystal Grooves label. She recently served up a fantastic mix for the legendary DJ Kicks series and brings her timeless sound to this remix. It is raw, dusty, and perfect for sweaty basements, as its hypnotic loops and punchy kick patterns are draped in old-school chord vamps.

Rework - You're So Just Just
Release Date 1st March 2024
Label Get Physical Music

01. Rework - Just Just (Troxler x Crosson Remix)
02. Rework - Just Just (Cinthie Remix)
03. Rework - Just Just (Rework Just Edit)

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