Zen by Unknown

Independent label MASK returns with another untitled release featuring six innovative interpretations.

Zen by Unknown Art by MASK

Blossoming Berlin-based imprint MASK continues to invite anonymous artists to the label, delivering quality cuts produced using analog gear across the imprint's trademark style of raw house, techno, and ambient territories. With support from the likes of ItaloJohnson, Truncate, DJ Bone, and Ryan Elliott, November welcomes the arrival of six fresh, immersive cuts as they enlist yet another unknown artist to join the series.

The widely appealing package opens via the filtered loops, layered sonics, and low humming frequencies of "A1", whilst "A2" reveals a deeper, darker cut with sharp boom-bap drums, distorted tones, and warped effects. Next, "A3" has an ethereal edge and explores a plethora of robust sounds, dubby chords, and heady, pulsating rhythms.

On the flip, the richly euphoric "B1" leads with seductive drum programming, chopped-up vocal snippets, and scintillating keys that take listeners to another level. Penultimate offering "B2" reveals a driving, feel-good affair before rounding out proceedings with the off-kilter, jazz-leaning, and undoubtedly enrapturing soundscapes of the low-slung "B3".

Unknown - ZEN
Release Date December 2021
Label MASK

01. A1
02. A2
03. A3
04. B1
05. B2
06. B3

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