006 EP by Pierre Codarin

Returning to his self-titled imprint, Pierre Codarin presents four more quality cuts on 006 EP.

006 EP by Pierre Codarin Photo by Pierre Codarin

Debuting nearly three years ago, Adult Only and EWax producer Pierre Codarin’s refreshing approach to house music quickly garnered support from the upper echelons of the scene, with ItaloJohnson, Raresh, Radio Slave, tiNi and Apollonia playing his records.

Complete with crunchy pattering percussion, twisted pitch bends and gloomy atmospherics, "Star Machine" opens the release with finesse before "Rush" comes into play with its rattling hats, a cacophony of intricacies and plenty of swing.

Next up, "Breathe" is a thudding number incorporating murky bass and ethereal effects until "Hamun" concludes the package with robust drums, soaring pads and distorted stabs.

Pierre Codarin - 006 EP
Release Date
December 2018
Label Pierre Codarin

A1. Star Machine
A2. Rush
B1. Breathe
B2. Hamun

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