Affinity 2 by PLOINK

Norwegian techno label PLOINK announces its second Affinity compilation with Affinity 2, featuring a host of the country's electronic music talent.

Affinity 2 by PLOINK Art by PLOINK

Including appearances from Nordenstam, Angermund, Vakum, and Minus Magnus, the techno-focused nine-track 2xLP features key players and rising stars of the Norwegian scene, shining a light on a deeply fertile dance music landscape.

Wania & Sex Tags affiliate Nordenstam opens with "Jokkemokken", a blissful production expertly blended with dub techno aesthetics, leading into Thomas Urv's "Ssskummel Skog", an elastic chugger peppered with subtle, mangled vocals to round off the A-side. On the flip, Angermund turns in a delightfully bright and airy track in "Rastløst Rævhål", while Vakum heads straight to the club with the visceral and bubbling "Annoyingly Lengthy Title Tune".

Kicking off the second disc is ComdaPort with the hypnotic "Cryster", moving into the deep, tumbling "Phases" by Pettø, followed by Mhost Likely honcho Minus Magnus' "No System Trick", picking up the pace with squelchy percussion and pounding drums. The last side of vinyl sees Rudi Valdersnes' "Rommet" molded into a thumping and textured track by Delikatessen, before the final track "Morkel" by Skolopender sees out the compilation with a dose of off the wall explorations into the depths of textured techno.

Founded seven years ago by Thomas Urv & Miss Mostly as a natural extension to their wildly popular events and festivals, PLOINK has released music from the likes of Mental Overdrive, Prins Thomas, +plattfrom, Joaquin Ruiz, Christian Tilt, and more.

Various Artists - Affinity 2
Release Date March 2021
Label Ploink

01. Nordenstam - Jokkemokken
02. Thomas Urv - Ssskummel Skog
03. Angermund - Rastløst Rævhål
04. Vakum - Annoyingly Lengthy Title tune
05. ComdaPort - Cryster
06. Pettø - Phases
07. Minus Magnus - No System Trick
08. Rudi Valdersnes - Rommet (Delikatessen’s Locked Groove Remix)
09. Skolopender - Morkel

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