Aldana by Myles Avery

HOMAGE recruited LA-based Myles Avery for the seven-track Aldana EP that comes out this month.

Aldana by Myles Avery Photo by HOMAGE

Myles Avery is a producer, sound designer, and engineer based in Los Angeles. Since his debut in 2017, Avery's work has appeared at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Performance Arcade in New Zealand, and he has continued to advance his career as a producer and writer, collaborating with artists across the indie-pop landscape, including NPR-darlings Overcoats, Valley, Mako, Mothica, ELIO, and others - and landing various commercial placements with clients like Netflix, XBOX, Space Jam, and more.

Returning to his solo output for New York's HOMAGE, "Aldana" is a seven-track opus, combining his compositional expertise with uncanny dancefloor sensibilities. Across the release, bliss ambiance meets lush soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms tangle with hair raising breakbeats, and modular synthesis moves in tandem with carefully considered arrangements, all combining to create a deeply personal and moving collection of music. From the opening "Sparks" through to closer "Liftoff", this is music crafted in equal parts for body and mind.

Since 2017, HOMAGE has remained a go-to imprint for upfront party sounds. Run by House Of Yes residents Ryan Clover & Fabi Jugo, the label has released music from Cinthie, Kettama, Human Movement, Demi Riquisimo, and more.

Myles Avery - Aldana
Release Date March 2022

01. Sparks
02. Kepppy
03. Slopes
04. Interlude 02
05. I Know
06. Woodpecker
07. Liftoff

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