Anagram presents Phasing Faces Remixes

Anagram Label follows up their Phasing Faces releases with remixes from Efdemin, Lapien, Ryan James Ford, and Terrence Dixon under his Population One moniker.

Anagram presents Phasing Faces Remixes Photo by Anagram Label

Released earlier this year, "Phasing Faces" was a two-part series featuring Anetha, Elad Magdasi, Mathame, and Maukook, not to mention label founders Sinfol and Octual. Anagram has now tapped up four reputable names for a heavyweight remix package; Dial regular Efdemin, fast-rising MDR, and Answer Code Request act Ryan James Ford, Dutch producer Lapien aka one half of Delsin’s Artefakt, as well as renowned Detroit artist Terrence Dixon appearing as Population One.

Ostgut Ton’s Efdemin opens the package with his immersive remix of Sinfol "Trembling", incorporating pulsating drones, echoing effects, and ethereal synths. Anetha’s "Acid Train" then gets reimagined by SHUT founder Ryan James Ford - the Canadian combines thudding kicks with mesmerizing atmospherics as metallic percussion skips throughout.

Adding further depth to the release, Rekids and Mistress Recordings artist Lapien remixes Elad Magdasi "Two Floors" to generate a smooth aesthetic complete with serene nuances and soulful vocal coos before Rush Hour and Metroplex’s Population One ties everything together with a deep house reinterpretation of Octual "Dark Sky".

Various Artists - Phasing Faces Remixes
Release Date
December 2017
Label Anagram Label

1. Sinfol - Trembling (Efdemin Remix)
2. Anetha - Acid Train (Ryan James Ford Remix)
3. Elad Magdasi - Two Floors (Lapien Remix)
4. Octual - Dark Sky (Population One Remix)

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