Anagram presents Phasing Faces Vol. 2

Sinfol’s Anagram Label readies Vol. 2 of its Phasing Faces with driving techno from Octual, Mathame, and Maukook.

Anagram presents Phasing Faces Vol. 2 Photo by Anagram Label

Curated by Sinfol, the first installment launched the label’s 2017 with shadowy productions from Dävide, Anetha, Elad Magdasi and Sinfol. Meanwhile, in the second part, core label artist Octual helms the package with Krill Music and Souvenir Music producer Mathame and Maukook (aka DJ Playstation) delivering decadent cuts of their own.

Octual’s ‘Dark Sky’ meanders forward using sturdy kicks as dusky effects join tantalizing synths that grow all the more ominous as the track progresses. Syncopated percussion forms the basis of Mathame ‘Ural 2020’ before echoing nuances and ghostly pads come into play until the beatless intro of Maukook ‘Tribute To The Prince’ ushers in spectral melodies and intricate drums.

Various Artists - Phasing Faces Vol. 2
Release Date 14th February 2017
Label Anagram Label

1. Octual - Dark Sky
2. Mathame - Ural 2020
3. ​Maukook - Tribute To The Prince

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