Bentley Black Edition Label honey

Bentley's Flying Bees honored with special Black Edition Label honey at the factory in Crewe.

Bentley Black Edition Label honey Photo by Bentley Motors

Sweet-toothed aficionado, Winnie the Pooh, once remarked: "The only thing better than honey is more honey." A.A. Milne's fictional bear would surely have welcomed today's announcement of a special Black Edition Label honey, marking the fifth honey harvest of the extraordinary "Bentley Bees."

The Excellence Centre for Honey Production is based at Bentley headquarters in Crewe and expanded earlier this year to 17 hives, housing more than one million bees. This summer, just over 500 jars of delicious Black Edition Label honey were collected from the two oldest hives, first installed at the Pyms Lane facility in 2019. 

Our colony of busy worker bees has proved more productive than ever at the Excellence Centre for Honey Production. This exciting initiative shows the far-reaching nature of Bentley's Beyond100 strategy, as we focus on making the Pyms Lane facility even more environmentally-friendly. It also matches the company's aim of becoming leaders in sustainable luxury mobility.
Andreas Lehe, Board Member for Manufacturing at Bentley Motors

As well as the mouth-watering Black Edition Label, 1,000 jars of tasty "regular" honey were collected from the remaining 15 hives. Bentley's in-house design team has helped celebrate the occasion by rebranding both jars with unique labeling.

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