Cascadia Represent! by Jay Tripwire

Jay Tripwire returns to Viva Recordings with his Cascadia Represent! EP, the long-awaited follow-up to his last contribution to the label, 2012’s Pacific Northwest Soundscapes EP.

Cascadia Represent! by Jay Tripwire Photo by Superfreq

One of the sonic masters working in the between deep house and techno genre of tech house, Jay Tripwire has amassed a hefty discography - at least 300 production credits on vinyl alone - and an unassailable reputation for tough, spacey, forward-thinking nightclub sounds. The Cascadia Represent! EP continues the journey with three fantastic tracks that fit squarely within the audio ethos of the extended Viva family.

The dark drive of “W R Consumers” opens the affair, featuring warm stabs, chiming arpeggiations, and spooky phased-out dialogue. The cut confidently builds, becoming fuller and bassy-er over its ten minutes, presenting the listener with plenty to groove on. “Made For Doc” is introduced with a more percussive tribal-ish rhythm as a jaunty bass line and dubbed out vocals enter the spectrum.

There’s a sprig of outer space funk that’ll send the dance floor into galactic permutations. The EP closes nicely with “She Ain’t Talkin’”, which finds a long, extra-deep intro preceding layers of string-like pads, bright sequences, and a dramatic breakdown that lead to a mid-point acid excursion. Let it loose on the proper underground.

Jay Tripwire - Cascadia Represent!
Release Date July 2016
Label Viva Recordings

1. W R Consumers
2. Made For Doc
3. She Ain't Talkin'

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