Collateral EP by Christian Smith

Christian Smith lands on Ben Sims' Symbolism with the Collateral EP this summer.

Collateral EP by Christian Smith Photo by Symbolism Ltd.

Opening with "Collateral Force", the Collateral EP sees techno powerhouse and Tronic boss Smith at his toughest. Broken beats underpin "Collateral Force", providing a bass-heavy assault on the senses, while epic pads create a sense of space and depth. "Collateral" takes the track into 4:4 territory and flips the synths into a fluttering arpeggio that adds yet more energy to this peak-time, classic-sounding cut - the sort that Smith has built his rep on since the mid-1990s.

Rounding out with "Brava", a kick-and-clap stomp tempered with frenetic leads, the Collateral EP is yet another slice of proper techno from Symbolism.

Christian Smith - Collateral EP
Release Date June/July 2022
Label Symbolism Ltd.

01. Collateral Force
02. Collateral
03. Brava

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