Da Mike presents XI EP

connected associate and Greek house mainstay Da Mike brings his magic to a new two-track EP, XI.

Da Mike presents XI EP Art by connected

Da Mike has always experimented with a wide range of styles, seamlessly blending the organic with the otherworldly. A true master of incorporating diverse sounds, he leaves his mark with his productions on labels such as Saved, Sol Selectas, and MoBlack, never far from the top of the Afro House charts on Beatport. As a DJ, Da Mike has shared his sounds on the most renowned stages across the globe, mesmerizing audiences with his undeniable passion and skill.

With his insatiable appetite for exploration, he now serves up "Jara," a potent groove packed with emotional vocals and energizing synths. The Afro drums have a skip in their step, and there is spiritual energy as things unfold and empower dancers. The breakdown is a majestic one that genuinely casts a spell. It's dramatic and full of tension, while the synths and vocals bring the sort of soul that takes things to the next level.

"Project XI" emerges as a true standout, featuring impeccable percussive patterns with steely strength, punctuated by thunderous hits reverberating through your core. All of this unfolds over a sinuous groove, captivating your every move. Brace yourself for the immersive experience that will transcend the boundaries and elevate your musical journey to remarkable heights.

Da Mike - XI EP
Release Date 8th December 2023
Label Connected

01. Jara
02. Project XI

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