Denver In The Sky by Oden & Fatzo

Oden & Fatzo deliver their latest dance-floor ready production, Denver In The Sky, on Pitch Records.

Denver In The Sky by Oden & Fatzo Photo by Pitch Records

Parisian trio Oden & Fatzo have gained a strong reputation within France's house scene and across the globe, fusing a solid collection of house, funk, electro, disco, and minimal in their live sets. Having released material via Moscow Records, Increase The Groove, Salty Nuts, and Swerve Digital, the group prepares to make a vital addition to Pitch Records' busy summer schedule with "Denver In The Sky".

"Denver In The Sky" is six and a half minutes of deep and nostalgic house music. The track spirals into a tumbling blast of fierce vocals, sensual drum programming, and warped effects. Energetic builds provide this superb offering with a notable crescendo, while classy percussion and dubby chords create a feel-good experience for listeners and dance floors alike.

Oden & Fatzo - Denver In The Sky
Release Date 30th July 2021
Label Pitch Records

01. Denver In The Sky

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