Dimensions of Human Existence (Part 1) by Alexander Church

Alexander Church returns with a new EP inspired by the teachings of Emmy Van Deurzen and her dimensions theory.

Dimensions of Human Existence (Part 1) by Alexander Church Art by Configurations of Self

Deurzen posits that there are four basic dimensions of human existence - the physical, the social, the psychological, and the spiritual. Each of these impacts how we experience the world and everyone in it. That has inspired Church to think deeply, as always, on this EP, which comes after many other high-concept and thought-provoking outings, mainly on this label. Whether crafting breakbeats, ambient or lush electronics, Church is always meticulous in what he does.

For the opener, "The Spiritual Dimension," he works again with frequent collaborator and vocalist Rebekah K. Her angelic vocals are pure and crystal clear next to nebulous cosmic synths and punchy broken beats. It's a soothing and spiritual track that moves you on many levels. After the instrumental comes a remix from Nolan, aka Tim Belcher, a long-time underground presence who has released on all the top labels from Last Night on Earth to Mobilee. His version is more club-ready - the elastic drums, rubbery bass power onwards beneath lush chords, and gorgeous vocals.

Church's second excellent original, "The Social Dimension," is another emotional mix of tender vocals and celestial synth work over floating broken beats. It's bright and airy, like a new spring day, bringing brain-soothing bliss as it washes over you. An instrumental is also included, as is a remix from James Welsh, with whom Church has collaborated many times on this label. The versatile Welsh reworks the cut into a scintillating mix of progressive melodies and balmy chords over a more rooted four-four groove.

Alexander Church - Dimensions of Human Existence (Part 1)
Release Date 20th July 2023
Label Configurations Of Self

1. The Spiritual Dimension (Vocal Mix Feat Rebekah K)
2. The Spiritual Dimension (Instrumental Remix)
3. The Spiritual Dimension (Nolan Remix)
4. The Social Dimension (Vocal Mix Feat Rebekah K)
5. The Social Dimension (Instrumental Mix)
6. The Social Dimension (James Welsh Remix)

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