Don't Believe The Hype EP by Flightmode

For the first release of 2019, the ever-consistent Play It Say It turns to an established producer who is launching an anonymous new alias.

Don't Believe The Hype EP by Flightmode Photo by Play It, Say It

The music speaks of someone with a love of raw, analog-sounding house and techno with a machine-made soul.

First out of the blocks is the brilliant and adventuring "Don’t Believe The Hype". Built around expertly programmed drums that remain restless throughout, it has dynamic synths and acid twitches, moments of serenity, and chord-based optimism all stitched in along the way. It’s the sort of expansive, cinematic track that envelops the whole club and oozes class and production know-how.

On the flip, "One Night Forever" is a totally different but equally unique proposition: it has fizzing synth lines bringing a dystopian feel to dark bass and razor-sharp hi-hats. Broken drums amp up the energy levels, and the warped synths pump the party. This is a busy, urgent cut of fantastically realized future music that brings plenty of freshness to the dance floor.

Whoever this artist is, they have a genuinely unique perspective and more than enough skills to realize their bold and brave new ideas.

Flightmode - Don't Believe The Hype EP
Release Date
8th February 2019
Label Play It Say It

A. Don’t Believe The Hype
B. One Night Forever

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