Drumfeld EP by Man With No Shadow

Late October will see Dutch artist Man With No Shadow deliver his Drumfeld EP via the long-standing 100% Pure Records imprint, accompanied by a remix from Copy Paste Soul.

Drumfeld EP by Man With No Shadow Photo by Man With No Shadow

Dutch producer and DJ Man With No Shadow’s production career has been steadily evolving over the past few years since stepping out of events to pursue his own music, since marking his debut on Shinedoe and 2000 and One’s Intacto in 2013 he’s gone on to remix Copy Paste Soul on his 2Swords label and release two EP’s for Tom Budden’s ALiVE Recordings. Here though we see Man With No Shadow step up with a new EP for 2000 and One’s other label 100% Pure, one of Amsterdam’s leading imprints founded in 1993.

Opening is the title-track ‘Drumfeld’ in which Man With No Shadow treats us to powerful drums further fuelled by a vacillating low-end drive, while raw dub hits and sporadic vocal hums further fuel the heady groove. ‘Asteriks’ follows and takes a more stripped-back percussive feel with delayed marimba hits subtly evolving alongside dusty drums sounds and grainy atmospherics throughout.

UK artist Copy Paste Soul then steps in to rework ‘Drumfeld’ next, putting his unique spin on things via choppy bass stabs, sweeping synths and an ever-evolving dynamism before a third and final original ‘Double Dub’ closes the package, again employing a groove-driven feel via energetic stab sequences and crunchy percussion.

Man With No Shadow - Drumfeld EP
Release Date 31st October 2016
Label 100% Pure Records

1. Drumfeld
2. Asteriks
3. Drumfeld (Copy Paste Soul Remix)
4. Double Dub

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