Efisema EP by Francisco Allendes

Chilean Francisco Allendes takes up the mantel for the 52nd release on Desolat. The Ibiza based DJ and producer has been releasing on the label since 2012, and now serves up four more of his infectious tunes.

Efisema EP by Francisco Allendes Photo by Francisco Allendes

Allendes is a man in demand, not only as a producer by labels like Crosstown Rebels, Cadenza and of course Desolat but also as a DJ. He has featured at the likes of WMC, ANTS & HYTE in Ibiza and Creamfields in Chile and has a versatile sound that shifts between synthetic house and techno grooves. His own productions have mirrored this and have found favour with selectors like Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Lawler abd of course Loco Dice, who often reach for his beats.

And it is easy to see why right from the off: excellent opener ‘Efisema’ is a thumping and chunky house track with freaky, cut-up vocals panning around the mix, big hits and slithering synths all bringing a sense of restlessness and groovy dynamism to bear. It is a wonky main room anthem in the making. Just as curious and brilliantly inventive is the high tempo and raved-up ‘Zularic Beats’, which has manic synth lines whipping about next to raw claps and slamming drums of the sort this label is best known for. It will whip up a real frenzy on the floor, and that's for sure.

Keeping the quality levels high, ’Cavatuna’ layers up high pressure drums and freaky little synth lines to make for a driving but unsettling groove that always has you looking over your shoulder. Last of all, ‘Tacedillo’ is a big tribal tech cut with unhinged synths freewheeling above a corrugated drum line. Intense and all consuming, it’s  yet another essential offering.

This is a high impact EP packed with real dance floor heat from one of the day’s most interesting artists.

Francisco Allendes - Efisema EP
Release Date 9th December 2016
Label Desolat

1. Efisema
2. Zularic Beats
3. Cavatuna
4. Tacedillo

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