Elasticity EP by Sid le Rock

For the latest My Favorite Robot Records release, the label turns to one of their key artists to serve up their 153rd release, namely the assured scene stalwart Sid Le Rock.

Elasticity EP by Sid le Rock Photo by Marie Staggat

The Canadian talent is a music making machine who has turned out many albums and EPs on top labels from Mute to Landomat. He runs his own Beachcoma Recordings (alongside Fairmont & Metope) and his music is not only a firm favourite with top DJs, but also radio stations and TV shows around the world. More than a decade into his career he now comes correct once again with three fierce cuts of steely and synth laden tech.

The excellent "Echo Canyon" is first and is a rib-rattling number with rugged bass and vamping synth blasts that are macho and sleazy. All married to a slithering groove, this is the sort of atmospheric track that gets the whole club locked on.

Then comes the inventive "Elasticity", another heavyweight and meaty track full of tension and suspense, with its well programmed synths, tumbling toms and dark sweeping filters. Operating somewhere in a post apocalyptic world, it really sucks you in.

Last but not least is "Franz Gutentag", a brilliantly reserved but high impact track that is tough and bouncy yet stern and unsettling. Chattery claps, frazzled sine waves and curious melodies all make for a stark sci-fi vibe that chugs along with real menace in its bones.

Sid le Rock - Elasticity EP
Release Date 3rd March 2017
Label My Favorite Robot Records

1. Echo Canyon
2. Elasticity
3. Franz Gutentag

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