Feed The Fire EP by Dustin Zahn

Dustin Zahn drops Feed The Fire EP on Radio Slave’s Rekids ahead of full LP this winter.

Feed The Fire EP by Dustin Zahn Photo by Marie Staggat

Active since the late '90s, Dustin Zahn's hypnotic and driving techno has consistently caught the ears of top DJs and labels, with releases and remixes on Chris Liebing's CLR, James Ruskin's Blueprint, and of course Radio Slave's Rekids. Alongside his productions, Zahn runs the Enemy Records imprint, having released music from Regal, Truncate, and DVS1 alongside his own music since 2004.

For his latest offering on Rekids, which arrives ahead of his first full-length album since 2014, Zahn leads the charge with four direct and expertly constructed techno cuts. The title track "Feed The Fire" makes use of a snaking synth line, evolving in tandem with the sound of classic drum machines atop a pounding 4/4 pattern, while "Heresy" leans towards the twilight hours, with tripped out bleeps, chugging percussion, and deep chords.

On the flip, "Profane Purposes" sees bubbling synthesis alongside raucous claps and vocal cuts, making for a high octane techno bomb before "Golden Hour" closes out the release, lowering the energy levels as twinkling keys, blissful pads, and dusty hats craft a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Dustin Zahn - Feed The Fire EP
Release Date October 2021
Label Rekids

1. Feed The Fire
2. Heresy
3. Profane Purposes 
4. Golden Hour

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