Ferga EP by Robert Solheim

The long-established Pangea Records is back with a new package that offers a fantastic new single from Robert Solheim complete with remixes from Luke Chable, D-Phrag & Toppy, DJ Samer, and Ezequiel Marotte.

Ferga EP by Robert Solheim Robert Solheim

This American label has been releasing quality dance music since 2001 and has picked up fans as diverse as Sasha and Danny Tenaglia in that time. This new release comes from Robert Solheim, who has been involved in various projects over the years, is a skilled drummer and keys player, someone who has released on plenty of top labels and clocked up many underground hits in his time. So far early support for this new one has come from names such as Nick Warren and John 00 Fleming and it is easy to see why.

Solheim’s original of "Ferga" is a main room house cut that will sweep you off your feet. It has rasping, rubberized bass, and big, emotional synths doing gymnastics above the groove. Deep and colorful yet always dynamic, it’s subtly epic throughout.

First to remix is Luke Chable, one of prog house’s biggest stars with plenty of essentials tunes signed to labels like John Digweed’s Bedrock. He delivers a massive reinterpretation of "Ferga", donning a monster bassline and giving the original a prog makeover that is laden with broad synths and expansive filters. D-Phrag aka Ivan Philipov is another esteemed prog house artist who takes cues from greats like the Global Underground series and Sasha. Here he links with Toppy for a remix that masterfully builds the tension. The synths are ornate and majestic, and the whole thing broods with a real sense of musicality.

The progressive house bigwigs keep coming with Pangea label head DJ Samer, who has 20 years of experience yet is still very much in his prime. His version has darker, driving drums that force you into dancing action, and blasts of synth that keep taking you higher. Last of all is Ezequiel, a young producer but one who already has high-profile fans and productions and remixes on labels such as Elettrika and Progrezo Records. His version is a spine-tingling affair with swirling pads and plenty of suspense in the spacious arrangement. It’s one that will zone you out and carry you away on a hypnotic groove.

All five of these house cuts are emotional and melodic and are designed to make a deep impact on all who hear them.

Robert Solheim - Ferga EP
Release Date
12th March 2018
Label Pangea Records

1. Ferga (Original Mix)
2. Ferga (Luke Chable Remix)
3. Ferga (D-phrag & Toppy Remix)
4. Ferga (DJ Samer Remix)
5. Ferga (Ezequiel Marotte Remix)

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