Gran Turismo Toscana Escape 2018

Between the 18th and 21st October 2018 you can tag along with Gran Turismo on their Gran Turismo Toscana Escape 2018 event taking you for a weekend in Tuscany, Italy, and driving through famous places like Chianti and Montalcino.

Gran Turismo Toscana Escape 2018 Photo by Bert Van Staeyen from Pexels

One of the most beautiful places on the planet. The hilly nature, the vineyards, and the food. Oh, and let us not forget about all the insanely nice roads for a fast car. During this weekend event, you will have about 500 kilometers of pure driving joy with your supercar of choice. You will eat a lot of great food and drink some of the finest fermented grape juice from the region. It is the Tuscan wine season after all.

The event starts in Florence, where you stay at Hotel Il Salviatino. It is beautifully situated on the hills of Fiesole, overlooking the city. The car you have chosen will be ready for you on the parking lot just outside the reception. Your own Ferrari or Lamborghini for the event.

The next day we start. First breakfast at nine, then we start driving at ten. After just a few kilometers the real fun begins. Strada 222, or Strada del Chianti. It is one epic driving road, going from Florence all the way to Siena. With a supercar, it is heaven on earth.

Our first stop is in the village of Panzano in Chianti, where we have lunch in the ultra-famous steak house Solociccia, run by the extremely colorful TV-personality and chef Dario Cecchini. Here we will have an eight-course meat-and-wine tasting menu that will completely redefine your reference frame of how really good meat should taste. Vegetarian or vegan? We respect your dietary choices, but maybe this is not the event for you.

The same evening we arrive on the peninsula of Argentario, in the very south part of Tuscany. Here we stay in hotel Torre di Cala Piccola for the night, having dinner (and even more "local" red wine) on the hotel terrace facing the sea. The hotel is on the top of the Argentario mountain. The view is spectacular, overlooking the peninsula and the sunset over the Mediterranean. An evening in October still means temperatures of about 20 degrees during the night.

The third day we drive north on the Tuscan coast and stop for lunch in Calafuria. We hope you like seafood. Because they serve great seafood here. After lunch, we drive uphill to Montenero for coffee and then back to Florence and our hotel in Fiesole - Hotel Il Salviatino.

Your supercar is included
Wait, what? It is correct. We have been able to source 12 supercars for this event. Ferrari and Lamborghini. This means that you don’t need to bring your own car to Italy for this weekend. You can fly into Tuscany, use one of our supercars, and focus on enjoying the event.

18 October - Arrival to Tuscany
14:00 - Check-in to the event opens in Hotel Salviatino. Here you also sign for the supercar you have chosen for the event. Want to go for a spin in Florence with your Aventador S Roadster? You are welcome. Arrive early. Please don't be late for...
19:00 - Mingle in the bar and driver briefing. Please don’t be late.
20:00 - Shuttle bus to Florence center and Lungarno Bistrot for dinner

19 October - Driving in Tuscany
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Driving begins
10:30 - Strada del Chianti
12:00 - Mind-blowing meat-lover-lunch at Solociccia in Ponzano
14:00 - Driving continues
15:00 - Stop in Siena for coffee
15:30 - Driving continues
16:30 - Stop in Montalcino for more coffee and ice cream
17:00 - Dynamic driving on the Tuscan road continues
18:30 - Arrival to Argentario and Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola
19:30 - Aperitivo by the pool
20:00 - Dinner on the hotel terrace

20 October - Driving in Tuscany
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Driving begins again
10:30 - Coastal road of Tuscany dynamic driving
12:30 - Stop for seafood lunch in Calafuria
14:30 - Drive to Montenero for coffee
15:00 - Driving continues, the direction of Livorno and then Pisa
16:30 - Stop for a surprise
17:00 - Driving continues. Even faster this time.
18:00 - Hard brake in Fiesole (Florence) when we arrive back to Hotel Salviatino
19:00 - Aperitivo by the pool
20:00 - Dinner on the hotel terrace overlooking Florence

21 October - Departure
12.00 - Check out of the hotel.

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