The Atlantic Road Trip 2021

The Atlantic Road Trip 2021 offers an epic adventure with phenomenal driving through Finland, Sweden, and Norway with some truly magical stops along the way.

The Atlantic Road Trip 2021 Photo by Tapio Haaja from Pexels

The Atlantic Road Trip 2021 is set to start June 19th in Helsinki, Finland, and set to cross the finish line in Kristiansand, Norway some 7 days later on June 26th. Most people know that it doesn't take 7 days to drive from Helsinki to Kristiansand unless one takes a truly amazing detour via the fantastic scenery that is on offer in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, which is exactly what makes this road trip, the stuff of dreams.

The official route is Helsinki, Mariehamn, Rondane, Loen, Ullensvang, Stavanger, and finally Kristiansand. For those paying attention, there are no destinations or pit-stops listed for Sweden yet, but in order to get to Norway, the rally needs to go through Sweden.

Route day by day
2021-06-19 - Registration in Helsinki
2021-06-20 - Day 1 - Helsinki to Mariehamn
2021-06-21 - Day 2 - Mariehamn - Rondane
2021-06-22 - Day 3 - Rondane - Loen
2021-06-23 - Day 4 - Loen - Ullensvang
2021-06-24 - Day 5 - Ullensvang - Stavanger
2021-06-25 - Day 6 - Stavanger - Kristiansand
2021-06-26 - Day 7 - Party!

It is, however, shaping up to be one hell of an epic adventure with scenery overload and roads made for driving in some of the most beautiful countries in the world when it comes to natural beauty.

The price for participating has always been around 7.000 EUR/team for 2 people - incl. hotels, breakfasts, dinners, lunch stops, parking, pop-up parties, etc. and we expect the price for 2021 to be basically the same.

Mathias Haegglund Code Collector, Globetrotter, and Occasional Gamer.