Habitable Surface by Non Reversible

Renowned electronic music virtuoso Non Reversible is set to release a scintillating new EP on the Belgian imprint, Arkham Audio, under the visionary ownership of Cri Du Coeur.

Habitable Surface by Non Reversible Art by Arkham Audio

This carefully crafted release comprises six relentless tracks, each a testament to Non Reversible's commitment to delivering cutting-edge techno.

The journey commences with "Tribal Impact," a track that casts an enchanting spell with its hypnotic allure. The blend of a woozy aura and high-energy groovy hi-hats creates a sonic potion primed for high-octane sets, seamlessly transporting listeners to an alternate dimension. "Rendez-vous" channels the spirit of Detroit, this track delivers a hard-groove techno experience tailor-made for the dancefloor. The convergence of throbbing beats and irresistible hooks crafts a harmonious union of sound and movement. 

The sonic expedition deepens with "Habitable Surface," opening with a mechanical techno symphony, the song weaves together bit-crushed melodics and glitchy elements into a robust sonic tapestry. Elevating the momentum is "Solar Altitude," which unleashes an escalating dance-floor juggernaut. The soundscape unfolds with razor-sharp hats slicing through the air like a blade, harmonizing with a bone-crushing bassline that etches an indelible mark on the auditory senses.

"Vibrate" enters the scene as the penultimate revelation, a tour de force of bleepy madness and unyielding sonic aesthetics. Each beat leaves an indelible imprint, culminating in a crescendo of unadulterated intensity. This track stands as a testament to Non Reversible's mastery of sound manipulation. Concluding this mesmerizing journey is "Pulsar." This track propels listeners through a rhythmic tour de force, as Non Reversible expertly guides them through a whirl-wind of evolving one-bar stab sequences. The result is an infectious anthem that reverberates through every fiber, leaving an enduring impact that resonates far beyond the final note.

Non Reversible - Habitable Surface
Release Date December 2023
Label Arkham Audio

01. Tribal Impact
02. Rendez-vous
03. Habitable Surface
04. Solar Altitude
05. Vibrate
06. Pulsar

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.