The Sequel EP by Fur Coat

Fur Coat return to their own imprint Oddity with The Sequel EP, backed by a huge remix from the legend Radio Slave.

The Sequel EP by Fur Coat Photo by Fur Coat Music

Venezuelan and now Barcelona-based duo Fur Coat has been steadily carving out their own brand of melodious Techno over the past few years. Initially rising up the ranks via releases on Crosstown Rebels, BPitch, and Last Night On Earth the duo have recently turned their focus to their own imprint Oddity, amongst output on Berlin institution Watergate and Joseph Capriati’s label Redimension.

"Stargazing" leads the package with entrancing, rising arpeggios, choppy bass hits, and murky bass textures all dynamically unfolding around a weighty drum groove. "Orbital" follows, stripping things back to a more refined, atmospheric feel via soft synth flutters, swirling echoes and eerie, unfolding bass licks.

Radio Slave’s "9118 Remix" of "Plaid" follows next, employing a robust amen break driven rhythm, glitched-out synth lines and underlying strings steadily building tension throughout. The original mix of "Plaid" continues the EP, dropping the tempo and laying focus on old school IDM tropes via multi-layered pads, bass, and off-kilter drums. "Quantum" then closes the package, a digital-only bonus cut featuring brooding bass, dubby synth swells, and a gritty 4/4 rhythmic drive.

Fur Coat - The Sequel EP
Release Date
December 2018
Label Oddity

1. Stargazing
2. Orbital
3. Plaid (Radio Slave 9118 Remix)
4. Plaid
5. Quantum (Digital Only)

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