Heart Pieces by Oceanvs Orientalis feat. Idil Mese

Oceanvs Orientalis reveals the second single from his forthcoming album on Crosstown Rebels with Heart Pieces featuring Idil Mese, accompanied by remixes from Mustafa Ismaeel and Nightmares On Wax.

Heart Pieces by Oceanvs Orientalis feat. Idil Mese Photo by Repopulate Mars

A producer, live performer, and solo act whose productions merge influences spanning Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, and Arabic sonics and beyond, Safak Oz Kutle, aka Oceanvs Orientalis, has crafted a sound that is entirely his own ever since making his debut back in 2014. Following on from his impressive debut appearance on the imprint with "Il Lupo" alongside Italian talent Tooker, revealing the first single from his forthcoming album, the Istanbul-based talent is back on Crosstown Rebels with another gem taken from the project as he reunites with singer-songwriter Idil Mese for the excellent "Heart Pieces" - with remixes from Crosstown and Rebellion regular Mustafa Ismaael, and legendary house talent and Warp favorite Nightmares On Wax.

There might be a hundred ways to deal with heartbreak, and this song might just become one of the remedies. In my life, the dance floor has lifted me when I felt that the burden of heartbreak was too heavy to carry around. So when Safak sent me this track, I had the urge to write a song and compose a melody that could soothe a heartbreak and transform that pain on the dance floor.
Idil Mese

Slow-blooming and resonant throughout, guided by Mese's soulful and emotive vocals, vibrant sax melodies, and trippy background samples, "Heart Pieces" is a dazzling slice of laid-back, jazz-infused house music full of subtle elements. Remixing the record, Mustafa Ismaeel leans towards late-night hours with a remix drenched in rolling percussion and sweeping leads, while Nightmares On Wax takes the track in two directions - opting for loose drums, hazy tones, and chugging grooves across his first take before laying the focus solely on the musical elements with his "Club Dub."

Oceanvs Orientalis feat. Idil Mese - Heart Pieces
Release Date January 2024
Label Crosstown Rebels

1. Heart Pieces
2. Heart Pieces (Mustafa Ismaeel Remix)
3. Heart Pieces (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
4. Heart Pieces (Nightmares On Wax Club Dub)

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