Höhn presents Egypt Lake

Höhn builds towards the release of his new album with the track Egypt Lake, a superb first single.

Höhn presents Egypt Lake Photo by STNS

Eric Haynes is Höhn, an accomplished pianist, composer, and live musician who founded the neo-soul band Busty and the Bass. As well as writing music for shows like Kitz on Netflix, he has toured across Europe and North America, supported BADBADNOTGOOD and Wyclef Jean, played high-profile events like SXSW, and collaborated with greats like Macy Gray and George Clinton.

It was a time in the techno capital Berlin that saw him falling for the direct emotions of that genre. In turn, that inspired him to head out into nature to capture field recordings and fuse their real-world energy with the synthesis of techno and jazz's harmonic concepts. It makes for a sound that finds Höhn exploring how geography and nostalgia influence music with captivating songs made from sounds recorded in the wilds of Canada.

This first single from the album showcases that in sublime fashion. It is made from sounds from around Egypt Lake in Banff National Park and is partly inspired by the idea of "music to pump water to", along with the vibe of an "underwater lake party". The deeply atmospheric and evocative tune uses a lot of water-based samples, like the sounds of throwing rocks into water or wind on the lake which takes you to a sunset rave beside a favorite body of water. It's slow and serene electronica that embraces the same melody throughout, while harmonic and arrangement choices bring intrigue and take listeners on a real musical journey.

Höhn - Egypt Lake
Release Date 27th January 2023
Label STNS

01. Egypt Lake

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