Imperfections EP by Butane

Following straight on from Alphahouse 41, Butane doubles up with his Imperfections EP on the Alphahouse imprint to deliver yet another pair of intricately programmed cuts.

Imperfections EP by Butane Photo by Jason Bax Photography

2016 is proving to be a massively productive year in the studio after his move from New York to San Francisco last year.  With this string of new releases, Rasse has truly demonstrated his vast aptitude as both an accomplished artist, but also in identifying emerging talent for his flourishing Alphahouse and Little Helpers imprints.

Having touched down recently on Moan Recordings alongside his own labels already this year, and with music on the way on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax, Dubfire's SCI-TEC and the Fact Barcelona crew's Yakazi, the renowned producer is quite simply on a roll as we move steadily towards the New Year.  Up next is an EP on his Alphahouse imprint, ‘Imperfections’; another two-track release brimming with quality.

The opening cut ‘Hey’ takes on a familiar aesthetic for which Rasse has become well known; employing a series of shuffling hi-hats, rich synth stabs and grooving drums which lock the listener into dancefloor hypnosis.  Delicate instrumentation ensures that a certain suspense effortlessly unfolds despite its deceptively minimal makeup.  "The simplest tracks are often the hardest ones to get right" he says.  And here, get it right he does.  

On the flip, title track ‘Imperfections’ raises the tempo and combines rolling, organic percussion patterns, tightly programmed rhythms, a distorted, manipulated synth and rumbling sub tones to produce an infectious, heady groove that drives the production through its impressive eight and a half minute duration.

Butane - Imperfections EP
Release Date December 2016
Label Alphahouse Records

1. Hey
2. Imperfections

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