Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection Remixes) by Jennifer Vanilla

Love Injection production duo unveils remixes of Jennifer Vanilla's Jennifer Pastoral on the Love Injection Records.

Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection Remixes) by Jennifer Vanilla Photo by Luca Venter

New York City's Jennifer Vanilla, aka Jennifer Vanilla and Brian Abelson, offered a portal into a colorful world of innovative electronic sound with their 2022 debut album "Castle In The Sky," traversing new wave, post-punk, art pop, and experimental R&B. Now Love Injection, the multi-faceted brainchild of Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele comprising a print magazine, radio show, record label, and production duo breathe new life into one of the album's standout tracks "Jennifer Pastoral" on home turf, in the form of a 12" single alongside two ethereal mixes featuring maestros Dave Darlington on mixing duties and Francois Kevorkian as mastering engineer.

Love Injection's Earthly Mix of "Jennifer Pastoral" is a sublime seven-minute deep house odyssey with neon keys from ‘Conclave' frontman and close friend Toribio and a sprinkling of organic percussion that harks back to the likes of François K and Pal Joey but with Vanilla's sensuous vocals soaring up top, alongside co-vocalist and co-writer Elsa Brown.

The duo's Celestial Mix of "Jennifer Pastoral" is more of a late-night lullaby - a soothing comedown with widescreen pads and layers of percussion that bubble along on expansive synths. The original "Jennifer Pastoral" version is a freewheeling electronic rhythm reminiscent of Will Powers with robust drums but funky riffs, lavish pop vocals, and cosmic warmth.

Jennifer Vanilla - Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection Remixes)
Release Date March 2024
Label Love Injection Records

1. Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection's Earthly Mix)
2. Jennifer Pastoral (Love Injection's Celestial Mix)
3. Jennifer Pastoral (Original Mix)

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