Keep Enemies Close by Simon Kidzoo

Continuing to turn heads, Simon Kidzoo debuts on South Of Saturn with a standout release entitled Keep Enemies Close.

Keep Enemies Close by Simon Kidzoo Photo by Simon Kidzoo

In a short space of time, Simon Kidzoo has released on labels like Saved, Under No Illusion, and Toolroom, with his releases garnering support from names such as Green Velvet, Marco Carola, Camelphat, and Eats Everything. As a result, the exciting artist has gone on to make appearances across the globe, getting booked to perform at clubs and festivals as far as Japan, Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Belgium, and Holland. Releasing on Lee Foss's newest label, he now joins a roster of artists that includes John Summit, Will Taylor, Andre Salmon, Martin Badder, and Ben Hemsley.

With its punchy snare, heady bassline, and murmuring vocal sample, "Keep Enemies Close" is a massive roller that bangs from the word go. Following on, "Hombre" takes things into a rhythmic direction using intricate percussion and squelchy atmospherics before the track erupts into a frenzy of sultry bass, suspenseful drum rolls, and chaotic stabs.

Simon Kidzoo - Keep Enemies Close
Release Date June 2020
Label South of Saturn

1. Keep Enemies Close
2. Hombre

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