Keep Rollin' EP by Field Of Dreams

The accomplished duo Field of Dreams returns to their label with the expansive new deep house EP, Keep Rollin'.

Keep Rollin' EP by Field Of Dreams Art by Field Of Dreams Recordings

Field of Dreams is Al Mackenzie, a part-time pop star with D:Ream & full-time DJ and musician who also runs his own Retroforward nights, and graphic designer Chris Kentish from Field Theory, who has released on Futureboogie and Secret Life. They have worked together since 2017 on the likes of Pleasure Unit & Tici Taci and received significant plaudits for their remix of Les Crocodiles' classic "La Nuit Des Tropiques," including from the late Andrew Weatherall who went on to remix the pair. Following support on Radio 6 Music and a hiatus during the pandemic, they are now back with a more profound and edgier sound than previous outings.

Perhaps a sign of things to come, perhaps not.
Field Of Dreams

Opener "Into The Sun" is a scintillating mix of deep rolling house grooves and authentic machine soul. The far-sighted chords and twinkling pads create a reverential mood that draws you in for an emotional ride. The title track is a slow-motion workout with elastic bass and subtle acid lines under muttered vocals. It's hazy and lo-fi, like all the best Detroit house.

The magnificent "Mind Over Matter" is another timeless deep house sound with layer upon layer of synth warmth, cosmic radiance, and perfectly dusty analog grooves that work both body and mind. "Into The Night" builds towards the peak of the party with more driving drums and pulsing acid that keeps you on edge, and "Mind Field" then cuts loose on more ramshackle and percussive house grooves with plenty of lush signature synth work from Field Of Dreams.

Field Of Dreams - Keep Rollin' EP
Release Date 16th September 2023
Label Field Of Dreams Recordings

1. Into The Sun
2. Keep Rollin'
3. Mind Over Matter
4. Into The Night
5. Mind Field

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