Leclipse EP by Luca Draccar

Luca Draccar serves up a searing new EP, Leclipse, on Lush Point that features three of his fresh techno bombs.

Leclipse EP by Luca Draccar Photo by Lush Point

Berlin-based but with Italian roots, Draccar has been making waves with darkly exotic techno sounds that have found their way into the bags of DJs like Maceo Plex, Richie Hawtin, and Carl Craig. He loves crafting luxuriant soundscapes that mix up sharp textures with more intricate designs and hot atmospheres designed for warehouse deployment. His Lush Point label is a home for this work; this latest is another fine statement.

The concept for this EP comes from the fact that says the artist, "What we call an eclipse is nothing more than a kiss between the sun and the moon. No one can stare at the sun as it shines, but everyone can look at it during the eclipse. In a monstrous coexistence of violent and stormy atmospheres, the sound of this imaginative and astrological record recalls acid nocturnal owls."

First up is the excellent "Ready to Loose Control" is a fiery cut with fizzing synth lines over slamming drum patterns. Dark vocals bring a moody element to the mix as the unrelenting energy builds and works the dance floor into a frenzy. The hard-edged beats continue on "Flying Satellites," which is raw and intense. Synths lash about the driving rhythm as more paranoid vocals merge with smart filters and effects, adding character next to soulful synth leads that release the pressure. Last of all is the brilliant "I Can Stop" which is deeper and more stripped back, with cosmic vibes from the serene pads and rolling drums. Futuristic vocals drift in and out next to turbocharged leads that amp the party again.

To say that the inspiration is taken from the early 1990s Eurodance scene with such acts as 2 Unlimited, U96, and L.A. Style would be the understatement of the century. Still, it is done in a rather clever way that the listener recognizes the sounds used and partly the rhythms, but the execution is different. Kudos!

Luca Draccar - Leclipse EP
Release Date 19th May 2023
Label Lush Point

01. Ready To Loose Control
02. Flying Satellites
03. I Can Stop

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