Little Helpers 379 by AAvA

AAvA heads to Little Helpers as he drops seven fresh productions for Little Helpers 379.

Little Helpers 379 by AAvA Photo by Little Helpers

A long-standing name within the European electronic music landscape with over two decades of experience within the booth, Liège-based DJ and producer Jean-Yves Avarello, aka AAvA, continues to evolve as an artist. Making his production debut in 2012, he welcomed early support from artists such as Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Roger Sanchez, DJ Sneak, and Nicole Moudaber, quickly establishing his presence as a producer within the world of house and techno. Next up for him, early June welcomes a debut outing on Butane's renowned Little Helpers imprint as he reveals a seven-track mini-album project, showcasing his deep and diverse range as an artist.

During 2020 my productions in lockdown spanned different styles I like, which is showcased across this EP for Little Helpers. I hope this mini-album will make you travel through different styles and emotions as much as it does for me.

Combining a wealth of sounds and influences from across multiple genres, "Little Helpers 379" sees a melting pot of styles from across the electronic world. From the slow-blooming, melodic opener "Little Helpers 397-1" to the eastern-influenced, groove-driven sounds of "Little Helper 379-2" and "Little Helper 379-3", AAvA's skill for weaving rich and resonant melodies with crisp percussion patterns quickly becomes apparent.

"Little Helpers 397-4" ups the energy and delves deeper, utilizing an ever-evolving web of organic percussion arrangements whilst introducing rich keys, subtle vocals, and sweeping synths throughout "Little Helpers 379-5". To close "Little Helpers 379-6" builds things up again as refined kicks and warped vocals float around murky low-ends, before rounding things out via the slinking, infectious tribal grooves of "Little Helper 379-7".

AAvA - Little Helpers 379
Release Date June 2021
Label Little Helpers

1. Little Helper 379-1
2. Little Helper 379-2
3. Little Helper 379-3
4. Little Helper 379-4
5. Little Helper 379-5
6. Little Helper 379-6
7. Little Helper 379-7

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