Lost Tales The Remixes by Jay Lumen

Released last year, Jay Lumen's Lost Tales album gets remixed by the likes of Sasha Carassi, Kaiserdisco, Mark Reeve, Harvey McKay, Roberto Capuano, Weska, and Bastion.

Lost Tales The Remixes by Jay Lumen Photo by Footwork

Comprised of unreleased tracks Lumen had built up over the years, ‘Lost Tales’ saw the Hungarian techno producer in fine form. This time round the Drumcode, Saved, 100% Pure and Octopus Records artist has tapped up his peers for seven heavyweight remixes including Footwork mainstays Roberto Capuano and Kaiserdisco, plus Drumcode’s Mark Reeve and Sasha Carassi. The package also includes a cavernous original track from Jay himself.

Jay’s ‘Revolution (The 12th Tale)’ kick starts the package with panning hats, crisp snare fills and cavernous kicks, tied together with big room synth swells before Bastinov’s remix of ‘Lost Tales’ employs a rattling sub line with euphoric atmospherics to create a brooding cut. Weska’s ‘System’ rework uses a heady groove with twisted vocals and echoing stabs to devastating effect, while Harvey Mckay’s twist on ‘Pulsar’ makes use of a deadly jacking groove laced with a killer acid lead and ominous strings.

Kaiserdisco’s remix of ‘Old Machines’ is a deadly driving cut, fuelled by visceral claps and dub tinged chords, leading into Mark Reeves’ rendition of ‘Quiet Storm’, which twists a sub heavy percussive roller to mesmerising highs via its infectious synth melody. ’Black Stabs’ then gets a rework by previous Lumen collaborator Roberto Capuano, who recruits ethereal vocals alongside a muscular groove and deep acid licks to create an effective dance floor workout. Closing the package is Sasha Carassi’s remix of ‘Azure’, in which Sasha utilizes a classic break beat whilst intertwining a crafty chord hook to create a versatile track that would be as equally at home in a dingy club as it would be on a vast festival stage.

Jay Lumen - Lost Tales The Remixes
Release Date 13th March 2017
Label Footwork

1. Jay Lumen - Revolution (The 12th Tale)
2. Jay Lumen - Lost Tales (Bastinov Remix)
3. Jay Lumen - System (Weska Remix)
4. Jay Lumen - Pulsar (Harvey McKay Remix)
5. Jay Lumen - Old Machines (Kaiserdisco Remix)
6. Jay Lumen - Quiet Storm (Mark Reeve Remix)
7. Jay Lumen - Black Stabs (Roberto Capuano Remix)
8. Jay Lumen - Azure (Sasha Carassi Remix)

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