Lucid Dreams / Estereograma by Casablanca 303

Badabing Diskos welcome Oslo-based but Bogota-born Casablanca 303 for a pair of irresistible house gems.

Lucid Dreams / Estereograma by Casablanca 303 Photo by Badabing Diskos

Casablanca 303 operates in his deep house world where influences from jazz, world, kosmiche, and disco all color his grooves. They have so far come on Mhost Likely and Cocuy Records as he continues to make his name in Norway with regular sets at key local clubs. This new outing on the influential Scandi label Badabing Diskos will surely take him to new heights again.

He opens up with the adventurous "Lucid Dreams," a full-flavor house cut lit up with expressive synth lines that bring rays of cosmic energy. A gurgling bassline down low never quits and makes this one a characterful track full of warmth and drama. The fantastic "Estereograma" is an equally epic cosmic trip with colorful synths and driving drums. Acid lines and big chords bring extra detail as the journey never lets up and gets even more electric.

Casablanca 303 - Lucid Dreams / Estereograma
Release Date 27th October 2023
Label Badabing Diskos

1. Lucid Dreams
2. Estereograma

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