Maybach Accessories

The ultimate luxury items are all made with exclusive materials, first-class craftsmanship, and a highly developed design that appeal to all your senses.

Maybach Accessories Photo by Mercedes-Maybach

For decades the name Maybach has stood for extraordinary luxury in the automotive sector. Mercedes-Maybach Saloon models are particularly discernible by their top selection of equipment with exclusive materials, generous spaciousness and technical perfection.

The Maybach Eyewear collection
The sunglasses and corrective spectacles from Maybach Eyewear excel with exclusive materials, outstanding design and top craftsmanship. Exquisite highlights of natural horn, fine wood or acetate embellish these high-quality models. Features of the iconic logo and of Mercedes-Maybach design are cleverly incorporated into the look. For example in The Roadster I, a reinterpretation of aviator glasses with a prominent metal decor at the front reminiscent of the radiator grille of the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Car. The frame is made of platinum-plated titanium and the lenses are in graduated blue-grey. In The Observer I model, however, the striking double bridge is made of natural horn or wood. In combination with the embossed rims, this creates an alluring, three-dimensional effect. The frame in champagne gold harmonises with the arms in white natural horn and the gently tinted lenses.

The stylish Maybach Eyewear collection

The corrective variant The Wordsmith I in a classical design derives its sporty, high-quality appearance from wood, slate and natural horn embellishments on the arms. The bridge and temples are accentuated by the Maybach design "Flowing Lines". The variant The Art-Master I places the focus on the upper rim, and the elements of natural horn or wood are continued in the arms. The grain of the natural materials forms a contrast with the metal elements. The Opus II has a suggested cat's-eye shape and is made from high-quality acetate with slim arms in stainless steel-plated titanium. As a sophisticated detail, these timeless glasses have an engraved diamond pattern on the arms.

Maybach home accessories
Those who love to surround themselves with beautiful things also have a penchant for exclusive brands within their own four walls. Maybach - icons of luxury offer high-quality items of exquisite design and fine materials for a stylish home. For example, the mobile bar unit is made of wood, which enhances any room and has the dimensions and appeal of a vintage overseas travelling trunk when folded together. It is fitted with useful rollers and can be equipped with everything one might wish for in a bar in the sitting room at home. The silver-plated Maybach champagne flutes by Robbe & Berking in Germany are particularly elegant.

The Maybach home accessories

As the name already implies, The Dog's Domain I is an exclusive accessory for a man's best friend. The cuddly surface in pure, soft lamb's wool is an immediate invitation to take a cosy nap. The bed has a hard-wearing underside made of nylon with buckles and a carrying handle in leather. To ensure that your friend did not go without this luxurious bed when travelling, it can be easily rolled up and taken wherever it is needed.

The counterpart male or female Maybach fan is The Embrace I. This warm blanket is made from high-quality pure, new lambswool from Switzerland measures 180 x 140 cm and is available in six different colours.

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