Metamorphosis by Korea Town Acid

Korea Town Acid is set to release her first full-length album entitled Metamorphosis via the Canadian label URBNET.

Metamorphosis by Korea Town Acid Photo by plastiquefamille.0rg

Korea Town Acid (Jessica Cho) is a wildly creative electronic artist at the core, but that barely scratches the surface of what her sound encompasses. Citing influences as U.K. future bass, glitch, jungle, and alternative hip hop, KTA fuses these sounds with movement and texture concepts to create multi-faceted works that go beyond the club. Born in Seoul, South Korea, and based out of Toronto, Cho's venture into music began when her mother enrolled her in piano lessons. These days, Cho experiments with different soundscapes while keeping her classically trained foundations intact. Cho is the kind of experimentalist who melds R&B-infused dub elements with IDM and K-pop and then finishes with multi-medium post-production.

Cho's signature futuristic delivery, compatible as a D.J. set or with live hardware synths, has garnered her global attention over the past decade. She has showcased in Seoul, New York, Athens, Berlin, London, and Helsinki, and throughout Canada. These showcases include notable appearances in 2018 at Kazoo Fest, NXNE, and MUTEK, and in 2019 at the Plissken Festival, Toronto Sound Festival, and Boiler Room. In 2018 Cho was named one of NOW Magazine's Toronto Musicians to Watch: Electronic Edition and her Mahogani Forest E.P. was listed as one of the magazine's best albums of the year.

Despite the lack of touring opportunities that 2020 has brought, Cho has kept active throughout the year. Cho maintains a monthly online residency at The Lot Radio in New York and is leaning into the pandemic forced travel restrictions, stating, "To be honest, I am enjoying this stay-home bedroom producer moment right now. I appreciate all the aspects of my experience of touring in E.U., U.S., and Korea in the past; however, I don't specifically miss touring at the moment because it is a lot of work and energy, and time on the road".

Metamorphosis is entirely self-produced and mixed and mastered by Dave Cooley (Tame Impala, J Dilla, M83). The ten-track record features a range of collaborations from Toronto-based artist DESIIRE, U.K.-based Korean pianist and rapper Pianwooo, Seoul rapper PNSB, L.A. beatmaker Dreamdave, and New Jersey MC, L.J The Alien.

Metamorphosis is a nod to the shift in creative autonomy that KTA experienced from conceptualization to the final product. It was made in Toronto during the height of the Covid19 pandemic when access to recording studios and travel was still limited. Still, there was an opportunity to adapt, which ultimately resulted in some of KTA'S most immersive and authentic work. Cho explains that "It actually helped me cut the chase and focus. Limitation made it open to other possibilities, like being able to collaborate with artists from all over the world like Seoul, L.A., and Toronto remotely at home".

Furthermore, the album proved to be a breakthrough in her creative direction, as she states, "I was responsible for all the production including composing, recording, editing arrangement and mixing. I used hardware instruments, samples, and DAW for post productions."

Korea Town Acid - Metamorphosis
Release Date May/June 2021

1. (Intro) Dreamdave - Korea Town Acid Shout Out
2. Curtain Call (쇼)
3. Bloom (feat. Desiire) (꽃)
4. Dazed (feat. Lj The Alien) (멍)
5. Eclipse (feat. PNSB) (일)
6. Bounce (feat. Pianwooo) (흥)
7. Thiis World Is Sick (병)
8. Law Of Attraction (삶)
9. Into The Future (후)
10. There's No Turning Back (끝)

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