Mira Ló drops her Tribute to Chicago EP

Parisian artist Mira Ló returns to Pont Neuf Records with her outstanding Tribute to Chicago EP.

Mira Ló drops her Tribute to Chicago EP Photo by Deborah Maal

With the success of her debut EP "Memories" last year, the talented Parisian producer and DJ Mira Ló swiftly established herself as one of the industry's rising stars. Following a 60-date tour across France and Europe, Mira Ló returns with "Tribute To Chicago." Comprising five tracks blending percussive house and intoxicating disco melodies, this EP narrates an artistic and personal retreat experienced by the Parisian artist at the heart of the mythical city where house music was born.

Tribute to Chicago retraces my personal and emotional evolution since my journey to Chicago. This trip was transformative for me on all levels - the people I met, my discovery of Smart Bar with its audience, drag queens, residents, and, more broadly, its energy, my nightly walks listening to blues and jazz amidst towering buildings. It's a sunny and energetic EP, with a genuine desire to share this happy feeling with people.
Mira Ló

The opening track, "Life Is Sweet," kicks off the festivities with a hyperactive house rhythm and frenetic melodies bordering on G-funk inspiration. "This track truly reflects the emotions I wanted to convey, with an incredibly joyful mood. I dream of playing it in clubs and instantly bringing a smile to everyone, helping people feel safe and let go," explains the producer.

"Be Thankful For What You've Got" reconnects with what Mira Ló does best: a groovy house cut with warm, syncopated basslines that captivate anyone fortunate enough to encounter it. The track is enhanced by trumpet melodies that sound like a genuine invitation to celebration.

"A Night In Chicago" presents itself as a deep yet always effective interlude. Says Mira, "I composed it directly after returning from Chicago; I needed to capture that atmosphere before I forgot the impact the city had on me – the long night-time strolls, contemplating the buildings and city lights."

Next up is "Feels Right," making a thunderous appearance, adopting the recipe of previous tracks, supported by a voice both sensual and mesmerizing. It is a sensational genre blend that packs a serious punch. Mira Ló explains: "I wanted to translate the enormous boost I felt during my nights at Smart Bar, surrounded by caring people with unique personalities, letting themselves be carried away by the music. It might sound a bit silly, but these moments gave me incredible energy and a desire to break through everything."

Closing the EP is the track "This Must Be The Place," presented as a paradoxically energetic deep ballad, highlighting the gentleness that also characterizes the producer's personality. "I wanted to narrate the moment of tranquillity when I gradually found myself after the euphoria of my journey to Chicago, confirming that my place was indeed here, despite everything."

France has witnessed the emergence of many promising talents in recent years, with Mira Ló standing out indisputably. Hailing from Paris, she masterfully merges hypnotic nu-disco with the high-energy house, captivating audiences in prestigious venues like Rex Club, Badaboum, and Slalom alongside major artists and at renowned festivals. Her first EP, "Memories," was critically acclaimed by Apple Music, DJ Mag, Tsugi, and others, solidifying her position as an artist to watch. ‘Tribute To Chicago' continues this trajectory, demonstrating that Mira Ló is a significant force in the French house scene.

Mira Ló - Tribute to Chicago EP
Release Date 15th March 2024
Label Pont Neuf Records

1. Life Is Sweet
2. Be Thankful For What You've Got
3. Night In Chicago
4. Feels Right
5. This Must Be The Place

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