Morning Glow by Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider debuts on HE.SHE.THEY. Records alongside vocalist, Dabrina, to deliver her impactful two-track EP, Morning Glow.

Morning Glow by Anja Schneider Photo by @pata_aicir

A creative force at the heart of Berlin's electronic music landscape, Anja Schneider continues to serve as a shining light of the city. A multi-faceted DJ, producer, broadcaster, and label owner of her flourishing Sous Music imprint, Schneider also serves as a key mentor elevating emerging and established talent across house, techno, and beyond - an ethos shared with the home of her latest EP, HE.SHE.THEY. A melting pot of diverse music curation and tireless work ethic, the renowned imprint now welcomes a label debut from Schneider as she offers up one of her most unique EP's to date, "Morning Glow".

After this hard year for everyone, I realized that this time was an opportunity, that change is good, and that I should become aware of myself and my life in general. I missed the feeling of the dance floors terribly. The sweaty nights, the interaction with people, and the freedom to let go. The things we took for granted for so long became so precious. I tried to put these emotions into my music and express what I was feeling from the deepest part of my soul. The music came out a bit darker and deeper, and I found myself. It helped me overcome my biggest sadness, not being close to other human beings and sharing the energy again. 

I started working with different singers and was honored to find Dabrina as a perfect match, someone who had the same feelings, was excited to collaborate and not work alone. Dabrina (Johanna Marschall) is a singer in a great German all-female band "Laing" who I have been a fan of since day one. It was healing for me to make music with friends who are in the same situation and gave me a feeling that even after all that has happened, we are not alone.
Anja Schneider 

The title cut "Morning Glow" welcomes a brooding and hypnotic affair, harnessing sharp metallic drums beneath sweeping synths, sci-fi electronics, and warping vocals to offer up an entrancing production defined for the late-night hours. "Underwater" offers a switch-up in aesthetic as the tempo fires into drum and bass territories, fusing skipping percussion and snaking leads contrasted with Dabrina's alluring vocals to close the EP emphatically.

Anja Schneider - Morning Glow
Release Date October 2021
Label HE.SHE.THEY. Records

1. Morning Glow
2. Underwater feat. Dabrina

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