My House From All Angles (Remixes) by Mike Dunn

Selected remixes from the Mike Dunn's My House From All Angles album are hitting the stores featuring Mousse T, Luke Solomon, and more on remix duty.

My House From All Angles (Remixes) by Mike Dunn Photo by Classic Music Company

When Mike Dunn released his Classic Music Company debut "My House From All Angles" last year, the album was met with critical acclaim, The Guardian writing: "God may have made him funky, but Mike Dunn has kept it going ever since". 

Now, two stands out cuts from the LP is given the remix treatment, enlisting some of the label's closest cohorts to re-work these two irresistible hip-house jams. Up first, Peppermint Jam boss Mousse T. opens the release, weaving in his signature bouncy melodies and funk-flavored grooves into "If I Can't Get Down". 

Up next, Classic label-mate and house expert Oliver Dollar brings in a raw, edgier sound on his Boomty Mix of "DJ Beat That Shhh", with an aptly bumping bassline. Classic label boss Luke Solomon provides his Clubland Remix of "If I Can't Get Down" next, enlisting funky guitar riffs and energetic percussion. 

Finally, Livin' Proof and Barbershop Records founder Snips takes a stripped-back approach to the same record, highlighting Mike's unmistakable Windy City drawl with jazzier elements to give the mix a vintage feel. Uniting the worlds of rap and house, this remix package is a joyous celebration of what he does best, with this remix package securing its position as a house essential. 

Mike Dunn - My House From All Angles (Remixes)
Release Date September 2020
Label Classic Music Company

1. Mike Dunn - If I Can't Get Down (Mousse T.'s Funky Shizzle Remix)
2. Mike Dunn Featuring Md X-Spress - DJ Feat That Shhh (Oliver Dollar's Boompty Mix)
3. Mike Dunn - If I Can't Get Down (Luke Solomon's Clubland Remix)
4. Mike Dunn - If I Can't Get Down (Snip's Broken Sweet Remix)

Lucy St John Guest Writer