Noir Music Presents Use Your Ears 2013

The compilation features 15 new and exclusive unmixed tracks as well as a full length mixed version courtesy of Noir himself.

Noir Music Presents Use Your Ears 2013 Photo by Noir Music

Noir's Use Your Ears 2013 is a mix album featuring tracks from the most talented and thrilling producers of the moment, including the likes of NiCe7, Supernova, Hot Since 82 and label head Noir. The compilation features 15 new and exclusive unmixed tracks as well as a full length mixed version courtesy of the Danish legend.

Growing up in the 1980's Noir was a black sheep amongst the crowd of charts music fans and swam against the current in order to pursue his dreams and achieve his musical vision. After years of hard work Noir established his label Noir Music which has continued to flourish as one of the most impressive house music labels not only in Denmark but in the world.

Acclaimed for his A&R abilities and incredible song choices during his sets, Noir has a reputation as a house music connoisseur, as evidenced by the diverse and eclectic influences explored on this new project. Use Your Ears 2013 is essential to any house fan's collection; a variety of carefully selected, unique tracks, each one of which is new and exclusive to this compilation.

Included here are Miguel Lobo & Ramiro Lopez - Flashed (Original Mix), Hot Since 82 - Error 909 (Original Mix) and one of several exclusive Noir remixes in Hollis P Monroe feat. Overnite - If You Have A Doubt (Noir Remix). Also included in a brand new re-working of his best-known release with Noir & Haze meets Compact Grey & Ron Costa - Around The Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment), a record that has been a staple in Noir’s exceptional live sets of late.

“Most of the tracks were chosen from listening to them on shuffle whilst running, therefore I couldn’t see the titles or artist names” explains Noir. “That made me ‘Use My Ears’ when compiling the compilation rather than looking for big names to help promote the release and sell many copies.”

“I feel the compilation is very strong. It sounds like all the tracks were made for this release, it sounds like all producers involved had contact with each other whilst making the tracks” he continues. “I believe this collection is a really good reflection of my taste in music.”

Noir’s no nonsense approach to this release makes an effort to strip down any distractions. The concept is to remove all other senses in order to focus entirely on the music.

Noir Music presents Use Your Ears 2013
Release date 7th July 2013
Label Noir Music / Defected Records

1. Love Is A Condition (Feat. Cari Golden) [Marc Depulse Remix] - Alex Flatner & Msms
2. Wayou (Original Mix) - Kevin Over
3. Don't Go Down (Original Mix) - Nice7
4. Disco Rebeat (Original Mix) - Gorge
5. Your Tears Look Busy (Original Mix) - Marcus Sur
6. You Know (Original Mix) - Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff
7. Sound Of Thunder (Feat. Zion) [Original Mix] - Supernova
8. Nectarina (Original Mix]) - Mikalogic
9. One More Night (Noir Mix) - Deep Future
10. Let It Out (Original Mix) - Danny Serrano & Nick Daring
11. Around The Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment) - Noir & Haze Meets Compact Grey & Ron Costa
12. Flashed (Original Mix) - Miguel Lobo & Ramiro Lopez
13. Error 909 (Original Mix) - Hot Since 82
14. Resonate (Original Mix) - Ross Evans
15. If You Have A Doubt (Feat. Overnite) [Noir Remix] - Hollis P Monroe

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