Oh But I Am Remixes by Jori Hulkkonen

After serving up an excellent album on the label, Jori Hulkkonen’s Oh But I Am now gets remixed by a team of expert beatmakers selected by My Favorite Robot label bosses.

Oh But I Am Remixes by Jori Hulkkonen Photo by Petteri Mero

Jori’s original album was full of moving melodies and succulent synth layers and was perfect to be picked apart and reimagined for different dance floors. First to do so are Musumeci & Lehar who tackle ‘Waiting Is All We Have.’ The pair has worked together before on cuts for labels like Connoisseur and have a weekly show on Ibiza Global Radio. Their brain soothing track is a patient, magically melodic one with low swaying bass, tooting arps and dreamy vocals that melt right into the background in expert fashion.

French pair Villanova tackle ‘Four Step Program’ with typical ?lan, as you would expect of the Cocoon, Loveyeah and MFRR affiliated producers. In their hands it is a synthetic bit of delicate minimal techno with a feathery light percussive scattering. Echoing vocals add soul to the deep space drones and this one is sure to send people wild in the dead of night in some tiny back room. Mexicans Balcazar & Sordo (hotly tipped by Maceo Plex, who also releases their music) then link to remix ‘Quick to Judge, Slow to Execute’ into a gorgeously fat deep house roller with hypnotic synths meandering over the perfectly drum line. Holding you in suspense throughout, it is another cultured late night club cut that is full of rich sound design and original ideas.

Camea, the long time minimal techno goddess and label boss at Clink who also releases on BPitch Control, gets dark and abstract on her circling and spookily desolate remix of ‘It’s Taken Too Long’.  A final and excellent hurrah is from UK act and Eskimo Twins member Heretic, who has been on an atmospheric acid tip when working solo in the last few years. His interpretation of ‘Songs of the Eastern World’ is a laid back jaunt through the galaxies with cosmic patterns and twinkling melodies all making for an ambient opening before a cold boom-bap and slow machine gun bassline add real drive.

This is a fantastic package that covers many different bases with real class from all concerned.

Jori Hulkkonen - Oh But I Am Remixes
Release Date 13th November 2015
Label My Favorite Robot Records

1. Waiting Is All We Have (Musumeci & Lehar Remix)
2. Four Step Program (Villanova Remix)
3. Quick to Judge, Slow to Execute (Balcazar & Sordo Remix)
4. It’s Taken Too Long (Camea Remix)
5. Songs of the Eastern World (Heretic Remix)

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