Opposite EP by Oscar Mulero

Warm Up Recordings boss Oscar Mulero returns to his respected techno imprint to release four expertly crafted techno cuts entitled Opposite EP.

Opposite EP by Oscar Mulero Oscar Mulero

One of Spain's most important electronic music artists, PoleGroup founder Oscar Mulero has been flying the flag for techno since the early '90s yet still unquestionably remains one of the genre’s most respected and credible producers today. 

Launching Warm Up in 2000, the label's roster includes artists like Mark Broom, Svreca, Jonas Kopp, Jeroen Search, Cassegrain and Lewis Fautzi, not to mention Mulero's frequent collaborators Exium and Reeko (who all together form Selección Natural)

With its cosmic sequenced line, which continues to grow and evolve over a dry kick drum whilst additional percussive layers operate on top, "Transparent Ray" opens the package with finesse. "Solarized" then starts with a solid groove and gated synths that change in shape as the minutes go - the result is both liquid yet raw. 

Built upon an asymmetrical beat combined with digital bleeps and filtered 808 snares spiced with delays and reverbs, "Opposite" is a mixing tool in essence. Finally, the digital bonus track "Generator" features fat bass drums, continuous percussive components and various layers as sporadic synth work ebbs in and out of the mix. 

Each of the four tracks and their distinct frequencies is made to be combined and interact with each other, melted into expert DJ sets. 

Oscar Mulero - Opposite EP
Release Date
October 2019
Label Warm Up Recordings

1. Transparent Ray
2. Solarized
3. Opposite
4. Generator (Digital Bonus)

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