Passione Caracciola 2019

The 5th edition of the Passione Caracciola Rally is set for late 18-21 September 2019. Driving from Basel via Neuchâtel to enjoy the track at Lignières.

Passione Caracciola 2019 Photo by Passione Caracciola

The 2019 Route
Basel, recognized as an important cultural and economic dynamo, will be our starting point in 2019, and from there we will enter a mysterious and little-known region of Switzerland that is, however, breathtaking at the same time: the Canton of Jura. This landscape of splendid hills has been endowed by nature with a surprising sense of tranquillity. The town of Saignelégier, where an important equestrian event is held annually, will host the rally for lunch. In the afternoon, roads that wind through the woods will lead us towards Neuchâtel, a city of unparalleled Alpine panoramas and the home of the great playwright Frederich Dürenmatt. Participants will be able to choose between two of the region's most interesting hotels: the Beau Rivage, Relais et Château, and the visionary Palafitte, a child of Expo 2002.

The rally will continue the next day around the region and they will ascend to the Chasseral to enjoy the track at Lignières, the home of Swiss motoring, now run by the Swiss Touring Club. After a special surprise, they will reach the lake and beautiful locations such as the perfectly preserved medieval village of Murten.

The rally will thus involve two full days of driving, including many regularity trials, some average speed trials, and many side events to which we will devote considerable attention. We believe that the decision to sail on Lake Neuchâtel on the second evening and to have dinner docked at the port will be one of those experiences that remain impressed on our memories as well as on the photos we will take. Obviously, they do not want to unveil all the novelties here, they wish to reserve some surprises in this 2019 edition.

Passione Caracciola 2019 Edition MapPassione Caracciola 2019 Edition Route

About the Rally
Passione Caracciola is organized by Rudolf Caracciola Service GmbH as part of the project to bring back the legend of Caratsch (his German nickname). Every year, a maximum of 58 crews, the same number of years of the champion’s life, takes part in this regularity rally all about the joy of driving through stunning places, with just the right dash of competition.

The desire to spend time together comes first in this race, in an atmosphere linked to the history of motorsport races, to the legend of the Silver Arrows, and to their driver par excellence: Rudolf Caracciola.

What is Passione Caracciola?
It’s a gathering during which they wish to be together prevails but, above all, the desire to share one’s real passion: cars.

The four categories admitted are:
- Class D - Post Vintage before 1945
- Class E - Post War from 1946 to 1960
- Class F - Classic from 1961 to 1970
- Class G - Modern from 1971 to 1980
- Class H - Post Modern from 1981 to 1989

The four categories will compete in separate ranks, additionally, an overall winner will be crowned. The regulation clarifies each point concerning participation in the meeting. The event will be characterized by regularity stages, racing, and fun.

About Rudolf Caracciola
The life of Otto Wilhelm Rudolf Caracciola was a string of successes since when, at only 25, he won his first German Grand Prix in Berlin on the Avus racetrack, in front of 230,000 fans, with a private Mercedes-Benz M128. On that occasion, the German press named him Regenmeister (King of Rain/Rainmaster) because of the real deluge under which the race took place.

Among his accomplishments
- 3 European Championships in the Grand Prix Formula (1935, 1937, and 1938) with the Mercedes W25, W125, and W154
- 3 European Hillclimb Championships (1930, 1931, and 1932) with the Mercedes SSK and SSKL and the Alfa Romeo P3
- Speed Record: on January 28th, 1938, with a streamlined W125, he set the speed record of 432.7 KM/H (still undefeated) along the Frankfurt-Darmstadt highway
- 144 Wins out of the 204 races he took part in
- Mille Miglia: he was the first non-Italian driver to win the competition

"Caracciola was to me", Alfred Neubauer declared "the greatest driver of the Twenties and Thirties and, perhaps, of all times. He was an exceptional mix of concentration, physical strength, and intelligence."

He passed away on September 28th, 1959 in Kassel, Germany

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