Pete McCarthey presents Forgotten Paths EP

Pete McCarthey is not a newcomer in making music although his solo career is rising this DJ and producer from Greece have a deep connection with Electronic Music.

Pete McCarthey presents Forgotten Paths EP Art by Hyline Music

Pete McCarthey is not a newcomer in making music although his solo career is rising this DJ and producer from Greece have an deep connection with Electronic Music. In a short time he managed to get into collaborations with different major names from the scene and respected labels that also made an effect on his stile and productions which stretch from Progressive House to Techno and Tech House.

His EP Forgotten Paths is taking us directly into pure, racy progression with creative percussions while the emphasis is manifesting on pronounced melodious tone with fateful flavour and gloomy build up that maintains into energetic drive while it's rising mood spurge it's melodies into remarkable atmosphere. The German duo Hyline & Jaybeetrax entered the production collaboration recently but in a short time have already made a great name of themselves with many successful releases and remixes.

This time their vision was based on melodic and sonorous segment of the story which is expanded and perfected with the manifest progression supporting it's uplifting emotion evolved with hypnotic fragrance that made an almost independent story with a strong base in the original version.

The duo, Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union, from Sweden has been a part of the Electronic Music scene for last 15 years. On the production side they had worked with several world renowned labels, artist and producers and their music have received great support and has been played by many world famous DJ's same as their numerous remixes. The output of the original expression took over! latent but immediate emotion with very effective and actuals strong parts that modification it's melodic and progressive term into techy atmosphere with puzzling and characteristic flavour, strong groove making the version very clear, original and bright.

Pete Mccarthey - Forgotten Paths EP
Release date January 28th 2011
Label Hyline Music

1. Pete Mccarthey - Forgotten Paths (Original Mix)
2. Pete Mccarthey - Forgotten Paths (Hyline & Jaybeetrax Remix)
3. Pete Mccarthey - Forgotten Paths (Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union Remix)

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