Casiobass EP by Undo & Casiowaves

Undo & Casiowaves return to the Melodize label with the Casiobass EP backed with a remix from Nhar.

Casiobass EP by Undo & Casiowaves Photo by Melodize

A long-time resident at Barcelona's legendary Razzmatazz and label head of Factor City for two decades, Undo is a Spanish mainstay with countless releases that have garnered support from Andrew Weatherall, Roman Flugel, and Erol Alkan. He teams up with fellow Spaniard and synth-pop wizard Casiowaves to return for their second collaborative release on Melodize after last year's "Predict The Future EP."

The straightforward "Casiobass" kicks off with fizzing synth lines, chugging dark disco drums, a fat bass, and circling pads. "Overcruiser" is a pumping, Italo-influenced cut with retro-future chords and a clean, cosmic feel, while "Something Blue" layers up the crispy analog drums with sonar pulses, deadpan cold wave vocals, and majestic leads that bring color and vibrancy.

Drummer-turned-electronic producer and live act Nhar, who boasts an impressive discography spanning two decades, makes his debut on the label with a remix of "Waves to Come" that brings a widescreen serenity and calm to the original through pensive chord work and starry keys twinkling in the distance. The original then closes out with Balearic guitar licks, punchy drums, and rich bass for a fusion of retro sounds with futuristic sentiment. From the driving Casiobass to the Balearic, serene "Waves to Come," Undo & Casiowaves have served up offerings for all hours with the versatile "Casiobass EP."

Undo & Casiowaves - Casiobass EP
Release Date September 2023
Label Melodize

01. Casiobass
02. Overcruiser
03. Something Blue
04. Waves to Come (Nhar Remix)
05. Waves to Come

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.