Reflexion EP by David Agrella

Domenico Rosa and Priori remix David Agrella's tripped-out Reflexion EP.

Reflexion EP by David Agrella Photo by Agrellomatica Records

David Agrella's AGR, formerly known as Agrellomatica, has been going from strength to strength. He's recently released a reissue of his 2007 Meadowlark hit "Modulo," which included a remix package featuring house legend Baby Ford. Now, Agrella drops the "Reflexion EP" for which he recruits Domenico Rosa and Priori to reimagine his release.

The EP kicks things off with David Agrella's "I Felt It Coming" in which carefully placed percussion shakes and grooves while a deep bassline wanders through its inquisitive, acid-laden melodies. It's both a journey and a peak-time track, expertly remixed into an underground hit by fellow Benevento (Campania) artist Domenico Rosa. The Imprints Records and Propersound founder keeps the drums snappy and minimal, with subtle changes from the original and an equally mysterious yet playful topline.

On the B-side, Agrella's "Reflexion Nocturna" features rolling tribal drums, rich low-end, and drips of acid as spacious pads wind their way through its psychedelic soundscape. NAFF label owner Priori turns Agrella's grounded drums into cosmic, alien sounds, skittering percussion reflecting off deep space synths as distorted signals emit on top.

David Agrella - Reflexion EP
Release Date 5th February 2024
Label AGR

A1. I Felt It Coming
A2. I Felt It Coming (Domenico Rosa Remix)
B1. Reflexion Nocturna (Priori Remix)
B2. Reflexion Nocturna

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